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Apartment Complex

Honest & Transparent UK Property Advice

Experts helping Foreign Investors into the UK Real Estate Market

We help foreign investors diversify their portfolio within the UK. Providing a full investment breakdown on each major city, a cash flow analysis, financing through 75 lenders, tax mitigation through limited companies and most importantly, lettings and management. 

Featured Cities

We work with a number of reputable developers that are long term partners of ours from London, Midlands to the North West. Once we have identified the areas with the best investment case, we work alongside those developers to package up that investment opportunity to distribute it to our network globally.

London City


Starting from £430,000

Birmingham Canal


Starting from £160,000

Image by Orry Verducci


Starting from £170,000

Why UK Property?

A Proven Investment in Times of Wider Uncertainty

  • The UK economy is set to grow at the fastest rate in over 70 years – The Bank of England 

  • House prices grew by 9.5% in the year to May 2021 – Halifax House Price Index 

  • The UK economy is expected to grow by 7.25% this year 

  • 300,000 new homes needed in England alone each year 

The investment strengths of real estate have never been as important as they are right now. UK property has a long, credible record of resilience and stability in times of wider economic upheaval. While other markets fluctuate, UK real estate continues to deliver growth for its investors.


Finsbury Park, London, UK

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